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Why are Laser Engraving Services Becoming More Popular?


The popularity of laser engraving has continued to climb continuously year after year and with good reason.

Did you know that over 47% of all personalised gifts and items are done with a laser engraving machine?

In this article, we look to explore just exactly why laser engraving services are becoming increasingly popular.

Emotions are on the up

In our modern society, more and more people have begun to open up about their emotions. What exactly does this have to do with laser engraving? Bear with me here. One of the main emotions that we exhibit these days is happiness which is odd in the UK but the point stands. In particular, this happiness and euphoria is caused by exhibiting love and with it affection.

Affection can be shown in many ways but one of the main ways is to present somebody with a gift that often has sentimental value to it. This could be a photo album, photo frame, card, flowers, a message etc.

All of these thoughtful and sentimental gifts have to come from somewhere right? In steps Mr Laser Engraver. Laser Engraving Services are perfect at delivering the right solution to consumers by offering them the flexibility and personalised touch they need. Depending on the size of the machine a laser engraver can engrave anything that’s a reasonable size.

If you’re looking for ideas that include laser engraving, I’ll list a few here:
• Photo frame with a message
• Photo album with a message
• An actual photo, yes this is possible
• Hoodie
• Poem or message engraved onto wood

This customisation and personalisation obviously creates a demand that companies need to keep up with which brings me to my next point.

Laser engraving- engraved jacket

We need more machines!!!

As the demand for more and more laser engraved goods increases so does the need for machines. Machines can only match a certain workload so companies need to buy more machines to cope with the workload.

This creates more job opportunities and work for the machine manufacturers which further increases the popularity of laser engraving. If the need for machines increases, then that allows them to produce more and increase their business outreach.

Many industries are seeing the benefits of Laser Engraving

A lot of industries have begun to use laser engraving and have seen benefits. Laser engraving is a worthy investment and although short term the costs might seem expensive they pay off in the long run. In fact, we’ve written a blog covering the benefits and what industries have been benefiting from them. If you’re interested in finding out you can follow the link to find out more info.

As personal as it gets

Laser Engraving helps to give you that personal touch to a gift. We discussed gifts earlier but we didn’t really discuss the personalisation. Being able to personalise a gift really gives that sentimental feel too it.

Here’s a little story:

When my mum got married she gave the bridesmaids and best men (yes plural) watches and for me, I got a watch with a message inscribed on it. At first, I was annoyed, why would you ruin a good watch by laser engraving it? However, the more I thought about it, the more I realised the message behind it and its significance.

My point is that laser engravers offer you the ability to personalise anything and allow it to have meaning. Watches, iPads, iPhones, hoodies, plates, spoons, wood, pictures, photo frames and the list goes on. There is an endless list of items that can be engraved but it’s the message behind it that counts.

Laser engraving machine

Greater Accessibility

A few years ago when Laser Engraving first started there wasn’t major access to it. It was predominantly used by industries such as manufacturers that produced moulds, car parts, medical equipment etc.

Nowadays many companies have access to laser engraving machines which means that laser engraving services are more readily available. Laser engraving machines aren’t as expensive and exclusive as they once were which means more and more companies are benefiting from them.

With the internet also becoming the main platform in which to buy things, laser engraving has a wider audience to target.

To summarise

To summarise what we’ve discussed: Laser engraving services are more popular due to their easy accessibility. Not only this but the flexibility of personalisation and people becoming more open with their feelings allows for more gifts to be laser engraved with messages.

What next?

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