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Everything You Need To Know About The ALFLAK 300 Series: Our Portable Mobile Laser Welding System


The ALFLAK 300 Series is our most versatile and laser welding system we have at Harrison’s Laser Tech.


No other tool offers the same degree of flexibility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Our ALFLAK portable laser can be used to apply material and joint, harden, or cut metal.


Quick Repairs On Site

It’s called a portable laser welding system for a reason. The ALFLAK is on self propelled caterpillar tracks which means that it can be taken on-site but doesn’t sacrifice on power.

The ALFLAK’s maneuvering and positioning minimises disruption. Our team simply drive the laser with its self propelled crawling chassis directly to the workpiece without the need to ship a part out for repair.


Access All Areas

Common laser systems cannot reach inside large and complex molds. Which is why a portable laser system like the ALFLAK 300 Series is the tool of choice for overhauling large molds. The system features a laser head mounted on a highly maneuverable arm that can be extended up to 2.8m.

The laser head is also very versatile and can be rotated left and right and has adjustable optional turn, tilt objective and focusing lenses. This means the ALFLAK 300 gives us the access to reach almost any work piece easily, even in hard-to-reach areas.



The ALFLAK is used within the automotive industry for the repair of molds and tools, sensor production, sheet metal processing and mechanical engineering and is an indispensable part of the industrial process in all these industries.

The benefits laser technology offer these industries significantly reduce costs of maintenance and repair and improve the materials properties. By significantly extending the lifetime of workpieces that are prone to wear decreases the high expenditure of replacing worn workpieces with newer equipment.


Laser Welding

Why it’s wonderful:

Our mobile laser welding service offers high precision laser welding (0.025mm precision) producing mechanically solid, precise and visually appealing joints at a significant cost saving and reduced downtime.

How it works:

Our ALFLAK laser provides deposit and contour welding with a laser power output of up to 300 watts, with automatic filler wire feeding. This machine offers true flexibility with either “fine wire” 0.4 – 1.3mm or “heavy wire” for a quicker deposit.

The Benefits of Laser Welding:

  • Precise energy input even on the finest structures
  • Low workpiece distortion
  • Very small heat-affected zones
  • High mechanical strength of the welding seam
  • Slim seam geometry at butt seams, lap welds, fillet welds
  • Smooth, oxide-free surface
  • Contactless welding without force application onto the workpiece
  • Good process control for consistent production quality
  • Various materials can be welded
  • Good accessibility.


Laser Hardening

Why it’s wonderful:

Laser hardening is a very cost-efficient and very fast process that enabled partial hardening of selected stressed functional areas on the workpiece surface.

How it works:

During the process of laser hardening the energy from the laser system is concentrated directly on to the workpiece surface. The laser beam of the mobile laser system is guided over the welded surfaces by extremely precise 3D mapping software. The temperatures reached are limited to the required hardening temperature.

Quick cooling keeps the metal from returning to its original shape under the microscope.  You are left with martensite (a steel crystalline structure) which increases the hardness of the material.

The Benefits of Laser Hardening:

  • Localised hardening
  • Not heat distortion
  • Heat input over process accurate to 99.95%
  • Recorded process data and video recording
  • Guaranteed consistent hardness values after sampling.

Removing the workpiece is not necessary when using a mobile laser hardening robot.
Processing can take place on site, which saves an enormous amount of time.

The Benefits of Mobile Laser Hardening with our ALFLAK:

  • We come to you removing the need to transport components, pressing tools, and molds
  • So there’s no risk of transport damage from sending parts away to be repaired
  • The workpiece may not need to be removed at all meaning no disruption and minimal downtime
  • Acceptance and quality control right after completion of the process.


Laser Deposition Welding

Why it’s wonderful:

Protect your tools. Tool wear can incur significant costs in production processes which can be avoided through repairing abrasion and corrosion straight away on site with our portable laser welding system.

How it works:

Laser deposition welding uses the high power output of the laser to fuse a metallic powder to the base material of a workpiece producing a metallurgical bond. The desired metal powder is blown from a nozzle in to the laser focus by means of a shielding gas and welded onto an existing component. The required geometry is built up in this way, layer by layer.

The result is a pore and crack-free layer with low dilution in a small heat-affected radius. The workpiece becomes more resilient as a result and is a cost effective way to recondition large and expensive components. Laser cladding protects such workpieces that are under high stresses against wear and corrosion, e.g., drills, turbines and engine parts, improving surface quality and load capacity.

The Benefits of Laser Hardening:

  • Rapid cooling rates
  • Low and controllable heat input
  • Minimal stress and distortion caused by deposits
  • Cost effective repairs
  • Reduced manufacturing costs


Our ALFLAK In Action

Watch the video below to see our very own Paul Harrison give you the rundown on what makes our ALFLAK so special.

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