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The capabilities of Aerospace Laser Welding has proven to play an integral role in the production of aerospace materials and parts. Whether it be airport security procedures or flight components, the need for maximum precision leaves no room for error. Aerospace Laser welding offers you high levels of accuracy. Therefore, making it a favourable technique for a consistently excellent standard of work. You can meet the strict specifications and regulations with this technique.

How is it better than traditional methods?

One of the major advantages of laser welding is the strength and durability of the finished product. Especially in the aerospace industry. High strength welds are essential to the manufacture of parts because of the necessity to achieve maximum effectiveness. A low heat input noticeably reduces imperfections in the material. This is because the heat affected area is incredibly minimal /non existent at all and the surrounding material is not annealed. The consistency and precision of laser welding remain unmatched by traditional welding methods. You can therefore weld with a more precise and versatile process. In addition, unlike more traditional welding techniques, it’s possible to weld various materials that are not similar to one another. 
The beauty of Aerospace Laser Welding is the fact that it is so minimally intrusive. This in incredibly important within the Airport Security spectrum and within finding contraband. Laser Precision ensures that within this important field, that no mistakes are made.

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