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AL 500

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Laser Welders


AL Series Lasers are the best in the business. With incredible micro welding technology, they ensure that you have precision and the best accuracy in results. With ultimate precision, comes the speed of technology. This therefore ensures that you have the two most desired results in laser technology. Speed and precision of the process.

AL series lasers are extremely flexible when it comes to power, laser source and equipment. Therefore, the AL can be individually configured and optimally adapted to changing requirements. In addition, AL series devices work excellently with AL-T workbenches.

However, you can also integrate the AL into your existing machine assembly. Nd:YAG laser sources are available with 75 to 500 watts of power. You’re at an advantage because the laser power actually gets to the workpiece.

Laser type / wavelength Nd:YAG, 1064 nm
Average power 500 W
Peak pulse power 15 kW
Pulse energy 100 J
Pulse duration 0.5 – 20 ms
Pulse frequency -100 Hz
Operating mode Pulsed
Welding spot Ø 0.2–2 / 0.5–2.5 / 1.0–3 mm
Focusing objective 150 mm, further ones according to lens data sheet
Pulse shaping Adjustability of power curve within a laser pulse
Display and operation Display with membrane keyboard Laser parameters can also be set using a multifunctional footswitch.
Interface for control of WINLaserNC software via external PC
AL 500

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