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Plastic Injection Mould Repairs

Laser welding

Plastic Injection Mould Repairs

A lot of our mould repairs are within the Plastic Injection Moulding industry where we perform weld repairs on moulds of any size from full size car part moulds to smaller medical moulds. We work either on the customer site or at our unit. The main benefit of us working on the customer site is that we require little lead time ensuring that there is minimal downtime, ensuring production is back up and running as quick as possible.

Along side our welding service, we also provide a laser engraving service. Where just like the welding we can do it either on the customer site or at our site with the main benefit of it being done on the customer site is it being very cost effective. With our engraver we can put on new logo’s, part numbers, date grids or anything else the customer sends us right there on the factory floor. We can even weld up older numbers/logo’s etc, dress the weld back and re engrave it all within the same day.

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