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The 4 Industries that have benefited from Laser Engraving


You’d be right to assume that laser engraving can look tacky but when it’s done right it can completely transform a business.

Did you know that there are more uses for a laser engraver than to engrave a cool pattern into a piece of wood?

In this blog, I look to identify what industries use laser engravers to their advantage and how they make it look professional.


First of all, we need to identify what a laser engraver does for those that don’t know. A laser engraver works by removing a layer of material which gives the material contrast. The surface layer and the removed layer have different colours so you can see the difference. The more powerful the laser the more material is removed.


Now, onto the industries:


Brands and Companies need to stand out to be relevant!

 A catchy and memorable brand identity is one of the most important things for a company; if a person can’t remember you they can’t recommend you. Many local companies have been using laser engraved signs and logos and some of them look really good. A laser engraved logo can look pretty fancy in the modern day. The logo can be made out of metal, wood, acrylic and many other materials. Whether you have a small open and closed sign or a large logo outside of your companies building, you’re sure to grab people’s attention.

Fun Fact: Over 25% of local brands and companies have begun to use laser engraved signs!

A laser engraved menu holder

Next up we’ve got my absolute favourite industry.


The food industry!

 The food industry is one of the largest industries to use laser engraving and marking. Some restaurants have begun to use laser engraved menu holders that have the companies name and logo on it. Personally, I think it’s a nice stylised touch and helps to turn a boring piece of material into something eye-catching.

Some restaurants just have the menu name on it (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner etc) but in my opinion, it’s a waste of money. A select few restaurants have begun to use laser engravers to engrave entire menus onto a piece of material. I like the aesthetics of this but it’s quite expensive to update your menu so I’d only recommend doing it if you’re planning on keeping your menu for a long time.

One positive about engraving a menu onto hard material is durability. People are unable to ruin them as they can’t stain them with drinks or food. You also won’t be able to tear into them which means they’ll last a long time.

Finally, probably the largest use of laser engraving within the food industry is laser engraving moulds.

Laser Engraved Food Safe Logo on a Mould

Having a laser engraved food safe logo on a mould ensures that each container or item that is moulded using that mould has a food safe logo. Our next industry also uses the food-safe logo.


Manufacturers and fitters keep the world ticking

 Manufacturers and fitters make up the majority of business for laser engravers. It’s important for manufacturers to have serial numbers, press numbers and other important information engraved onto materials. This important information allows manufacturers to identify any internal errors as well as being able to assign unique codes to products.

Fitters can have unique codes engraved onto products which helps with assembly. Having a plan in place that outlines which number fits with another can greatly increase efficiency which is good for the manufacturers.


Like I covered earlier in the food industry companies can have moulds engraved so that when they mass produce something it always has that unique logo on it. The biggest industry that uses this is plastic moulding companies that create plastic containers.

Laser Engraved logo and info

Up next we have one of the most trending industries at the minute which is the Art and Custom Design Industry


Want to see what’s going to trend in the future? This is it: Art and Custom Design

 In a world where everyone is trying to be different and stand out from the crowd, people have been experimenting with Art and Custom Designs.

To be honest I quite like this industry. Some of the designs can be pretty unique and some of them can be quite personal as well.

Laser Engraved Art

Art is subjective so people may not like how art looks engraved into materials but people have become clever. They’ve come up with unique patterns and designs such as using multi-layered materials which reveal a new colour every new layer.

As for custom designs people have engraved family portraits into pieces of wood and I think it’s a really nice, personalised gift to give to somebody.


Well, that’s all we have for this blog we hope this has given you an understanding of what industries use laser engraving to their advantage.


What do you think?

 What industry do you think uses laser engraving the best?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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