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Market Sectors

Car show room

You have to have precise accuracy during the manufacturing process within the automotive sector. In order to obtain a high-quality outcome that is both time and cost-efficient, you must be precise. Within this market sector, it is vital that all parts are safe and secure which, with the intricacy of laser welding, you can guarantee. Consequently, the applications of laser welding are actually most prominent in the manufacture and repair of automotive parts. However, time and cost efficiency are not the only benefits to utilising laser welding in the automotive industry.

Laser equipment

You must have a high-quality weld and surface finish within the food and beverage industry, due to the hygienic requirements. If the weld integrity or surface finish isn’t perfect and faultless, the consequences could be both expensive and unsanitary. Even the smallest niche left by a weld can allow the product to get trapped and form bacteria which could potentially contaminate the food. In February 2017, an American major cheese company had to recall over 20 of their products…

Medicinal bottles

Products within the medical industry require the highest levels of precision. You have to meet the highest quality demands. The size of many medical devices and products is continually decreasing, and lasers are perfectly suited for creating equally minute weld seams. Even in complicated areas, laser weld spots and seams can easily be generated to provide sterile surfaces with no post-processing.

Laser engraving

The capabilities of laser welding have proven to play an integral role in the production of aerospace materials and parts. Examples of this would be in airport security procedures or flight components. The need for maximum precision leaves no room for error and laser welding offers high levels of accuracy. Therefore, making it a favourable technique for an excellent standard of work that meets specifications and regulations.

At Harrisons Laser Technology we are slowly building up our portfolio of customers within the Oil and Gas industry, providing our laser welding services for both repairs, modifications and concept work