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Laser Engraving – Making Plaques For Mould Tools

Laser engraving mould tools heading
Take a look at our most recent work with Jaguar Land Rover. Read on to find out more about the laser engraving process, how it may benefit you, and the other services that we have to offer.

Firstly, What Is Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving is the more intricate method of engraving.

You can use laser engraving to benefit a range of industries worldwide. It is the non-contact process of engraving a range of materials with minimal or no damage from touchpoints. This is the most favoured way of production as it is fast, durable and as minimally invasive as possible.

With laser engraving, you don’t need inks or tool bits to get your desired result. This means that there’s no need to replace inks or tool heads, saving time and money. Additionally, laser engravers are contactless and therefore create less mess. You can program the machine to engrave the object, leaving behind little or no dust.

AREX laser technology laser engravers
We use the AREX laser engraver for precise and accurate engraving.

Our Laser Engravers

This process can be done by Harrison’s on-site or away from the site, depending on what you are wanting to be engraved. If you are looking to have small objects engraved, such as branding on your tablets, we can do this in-house using our AREX laser engraving machine. Read more on the AREX and why it is our chosen tool for engraving here.

Why Are Laser Engravers Preferred Over Traditional Methods?

Compared to alternative marking solutions, laser engraving is the favourable option. This is due to the fact that it is transportable, more precise and less damaging to the surrounding material that is being marked. Our laser engravers can be programmed to ensure that the font and exact placement is just how you desire it to be, meaning that your engraving is done both fast and efficiently. Laser engraving will improve both accuracy and productivity of manufacturing, meaning that your money is well spent for a safe engraving solution.

Jaguar Land Rover Logo our laser engraving client
We have done work with Jaguar Land Rover, engraving plaques for their mould tools.

Our Work With Jaguar Land Rover

Mould Tool Plaques

You will find that our work is efficient, precise and cost-effective. Working at competitive prices, you will get the desired result that you are looking for from a laser engraver.

Jaguar Land Rover approached us needing plaques to be engraved for their mould tools. This needed to include the branding and a detailed description of what the machine operated on. These plaques were important for safety and efficiency for their mould tools and had to be done right.

Press Tools

In addition, we have also done a range of welding and engraving work on Jaguar Land Rover’s Tools. This varies depending on the desired result.

Here at Harrison’s, we pride ourselves in precision laser welding options. Small or large, our state of the art technology allows us to do intricate work in hard to reach angles. This is perfect for the work we have done with Jaguar Land Rover as their tools and tool moulds require the utmost accuracy to ensure the product is safe and usable. Take a look at our recent projects here.

Laser Engravers Work Precisely And Accurately

If you are looking for precise, legible writing to be engraved onto an object, laser engraving is the way to go. We can program the machine for you to mark the correct font style and size to gain your desired results. For Jaguar Land Rover, it was important that their branding and description was easy to read and clear. It is safe to say that they weren’t disappointed with their results.

Quickly And Reliably, You’ll Have Your Desired Result With The AREX Laser.

AREX lasers use fibre laser technology to ensure that the engraving is incredibly precise and accurate to the desired need.  Laser engravers have a visible laser indicator. This aids precision because we are able to pinpoint the marking area which helps us to focus perfectly. In addition, the AREX is incredibly quick to set up. It takes just minutes to fully set up this engraver, meaning that it is easy to transport and use onsite.

Other Industries Laser Engraving May Benefit

There is a range of industries that benefit from our accurate laser engravers. The use for engraving is mainly for labelling and branding purposes. Put your stamp on your technology the most cost-effective way with us at Harrison’s. You can inquire about our services on our website here.

Transportation Of Our Laser Engravers

If you are looking for a plaque, we can engrave it in-house for you with our fixed fitted lasers. However, if you are looking for a larger scale engrave, our laser engraving machines are compact and easy to manoeuver. This means that we can come to you and engrave your larger scale machines with ease and speed. Setting up our AREX engraver is quick and easy. We can be engraving your product in a matter of minutes.

Other Services Which May Benefit you

Here at Harrison’s, we are not just one trick ponies. We also offer laser welding solutions. Laser welding is the more favoured method of welding due to its lack of invasion to the material.

We have a range of laser welders. This means that whether you are looking for intricate, small welds or large-scale ones, we have a solution for you. Our variety of welders means that we can hit hard to reach places of difficult mould fixtures and also transport our work to you if it’s for a larger scale machine.

Our services can benefit automotive, medical, food and many other industries. You have the option of welding solutions with us at Harrison’s whether it be plastic or metal materials.

Laser technology is the future of precision marking and welding solutions.

If you are looking to find out more about the services that we have to offer, take a look at our website here.


You can look at our laser engraver in action below.


Here is James Harrison explaining our laser engraving process and the benefits in which our modern laser technology has. Laser engraving has never been so precise and easy.

Video Transcript

Hi guys, I’m just going to show you what I’m doing today. This is some laser engraving. These are some plaques for Jaguar Land Rover and what these do is fit onto the mould tools. They basically just give a description of what the part is. So, what I’m going to do is run it. This is our fixed system and we can also take this onsite for any bigger tools.

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