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Laser Hardening

Laser hardening
The laser hardening process can be used on a variety of materials.

Laser Hardening UK

We are thrilled to announce our newest service here at Harrison’s: Laser hardening. Laser hardening techniques have never been so modern. Read on to find out about the UK’s first mobile hardening robot and the benefits of using one over traditional techniques.

What is laser hardening?

Laser hardening is the heating of surfaces in order to strengthen them. A laser beam is used to heat the surface and it is then quickly cooled, using the surrounding air.

This modern technique of hardening is predominantly used on materials and components that are prone to wear. It is a non-invasive technique that uses high heat input at a quicker time to gain the strengthening result. Due to its fine-grained and tough structure, this method will ensure that your material is incredibly crack-resistant to the highest degree. This process allows for the same, high-quality result as other conventional hardening processes, meaning that quality is maintained.

The hardening process

Laser hardening is an easy process that can be mobile and flexible because you can control the robot with ease. Firstly, the identity areas are defined so that you know where the surface of your material will need hardening. Next, a test is conducted to ensure that the hardness values of the problematic areas are known. After this, CAD files of the object are uploaded to the laser, including the laser contour areas. The laser machine will then undertake the process which was uploaded and a thorough test will be conducted to check that the desired results are met. This 5 step technique of hardening, means that thorough checks are made to ensure quality results.

Laser hardening
Here is an example of the process in action on a large scale material.

The benefits over traditional techniques

Laser hardening has a variety of benefits, meaning that it will be the more favourable process to hardening. These benefits include:


Laser hardening allows you to have the ability to have this service onsite. Being mobile and flexible, this machine will ensure that even the hardest to reach places are accessible. We offer this service either onsite or in our workshop.

No heat distortion of your product

Using a laser beam means that there is no heat distortion to the product. This means that optimal results can be reached without any weakening or damage to the material. This differs from conventional methods, which are less precise and more invasive to your materials. The heat input process, when laser hardening, has an accuracy of 99.95%, meaning you will achieve a perfect result almost every time.

The flexibility of our state of the art laser

The machinery used for our hardening process is the ALFlak laser and this modern marvel is the most versatile, flexible means of hardening in the UK. The ALFlak has amazing, flexible features because it allows you to reach difficult zones, using its 6-8 axis reach, with an added turntable.

Value guaranteed

Using this modern method means that you have guaranteed, flawless results. The process data is recorded and videoed. Therefore, it is carefully monitored, planned and checked thoroughly. You have assurance with our service due to the consistent hardness values after sampling.

Laser hardening over conventional methods

Conventional methods of laser hardening ensure that you get the job done. With our laser hardening technique, we aim to offer a service better than average. Going above and beyond is necessary because if you’re going to pay for a service, you want it to be done perfectly. Quality is assured with this service.

Laser hardening removes the need for dismounting heavy components. With a mobile laser, you can simply manoeuvre it with the use of its self-propelled crawling chassis, directly to your target hardening area. This machine is the latest in modern technology, meaning that the laser hardening process has never been easier. With better mobility, the flexible robot arm allows you to reach the most challenging of workpieces.

You can move the laser beam incredibly precisely, and even three-dimensionally. This opens up a window of opportunity to allow you to contour weld even the most complex closing edges of machinery.

Laser hardening

Applications of the hardening process

There are many industries which can benefit from the hardening process. As it is ultimately the strengthening of materials, laser hardening ensures the durability of materials. You can harden applications such as:

  • Injection moulding tools
  • Extrusion tools
  • Gear tooth hardening
  • General surface hardening
  • Turbine parts
  • Materials in the oil and gas industry
  • Hydro turbine parts


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Additionally, if you are looking to find out more information on our laser hardening process, take a look at our laser hardening page here.
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