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Laser Hardening Services

Laser Hardening Services

No more time-consuming dismounting of heavy components, Simply drive the laser with its self propelled crawling chassis directly to the part to be hardened. On-site, the flexible, wide sweeping robot arm easily reaches even challenging workpieces.

In free 3D movements, the laser beam precisely follows even the most demanding three-dimensional workpiece contours, for example on tracks along complex closing edges. Surface irregularities are not a problem. The only thing the laser needs is free access to the workpiece surface to be treated.

Laser hardening results in an extremely fine-grained and tough structure, therefore the hardened material is extremely crack resistant. With laser hardening, the same hardness results can be achieved as with conventional hardening processes. 

The Hardening Process

  • Identify areas that need a hardened surface
  • Test current hardness values of areas identified
  • Upload CAD files of object or teach laser contours of areas
  • Laser machine undertakes the process uploaded
  • Check hardness values have been met on areas hardened

Laser Hardening vs Conventional

  • Workshop and onsite service
  • Tooling strip down and transport minimal
  • Localised hardening
  • No heat distortion of product
  • Heat input over process accurate to 99.95%
  • Recorded process data along with video recording
  • Guaranteed consistent hardness values after sampling
  • 6 Axis Reach, 8 axis with added turntable

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