High Accuracy
0.025mm precision
Family Company
Established in 1998
Minimal Downtime
due to onsite repairs
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Joe Macari Classics- Laser Welding

Project Description
Joe Macari Classics needed us to come and repair an engine block of an old Maserati 3500 GT Vignale Spyder. The engine block had 4 leaks in it and they had to be repaired without having to remove the engine block. Joe Macari and ourselves decided it was best if we used our portable laser welding machine to repair the engine block.
Laser Welding gives us better flexibility in comparison to conventional welding as we can get into tighter gaps with better accuracy and we don’t have to physically weld the material ourselves. If conventional welding was used there’d be a longer downtime as the engine block would have had to have been removed and then reinstalled after the welding process was completed. 

About the Company

Joe Macari Classics is an area of Joe Macari which is a performance car company. Joe Macari, born in Aldershot, began by buying and selling cars in order to fund his racing car passion in 1988. Over 10 years Joe’s selling and servicing of cars began to grow bigger and in 1998 he moved his services to London. In 2007 Joe Macari was granted an official Ferrari and Maserati franchise. To this day Joe Macari and his company still resides in South West London and has delved into more avenues such as: Classic Car Restoration and Servicing, Racing Car Tuition and Advise and the buying and selling of Performance Cars. 
ClientJoe Macari Classics
SectorClassic Cars

Technology Used

We used an ALM 250 due to its versatility and ability to be transported to our client with ease.