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ALM Welder

ALM Welder - Laser welding services

Laser Welders

ALM Welder Lasers

Using the ALM Welder, you can repair and modify a vast range of machine components, including pressing tools and large molds incredibly fast. It allows you to have extreme versatility because of how easy it is to move around.

You can transport the laser to the workpiece or the workpiece to the laser as it is mobile. This means that you can be versatile with mobility, offering transportable services.

The ALM is cost-effective because it is air cooled and requires no additional cooling system. This saves you additional spending on air systems.  Just move the laser to the workpiece, secure the laser area, aim the slim laser arm at the weld, and start welding. It’s as easy as that.

Hydraulic brakes fix the laser beam exactly at the desired work position. Once fixed in position, your welding can be done manually. Your welding can also be done using a joystick, semi-automatically, or using an external operating unit.

ALM lasers allow for adjustability of power curve within a laser pulse. You can meet a range of objectives with this welding tool. Also, you can work with standard objectives, a 90° deflection objective or a circular welding lens and the laser beam will always create the desired result. The precision of this method means that the spot on the workpiece being welded will be incredibly accurately met. 

There are two options when using a ALM Welder. One, using a flash-pump laser method, with outputs ranging from 75-500 Watts. Additionally, you can use fibre lasers, which have an output of  300, 450, 600, and 900 Watts.

Using lasers to weld isn’t your traditional way of welding- it’s simply better. You will find less or no heat damage using this technique because the focal point is so minute in size.

ALM 300
ALM 300
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ALM 250

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