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Laser Engraving Service

Laser engraving Service for Jaguar

Harrisons Laser Engraving Service

What uses do they have?

Our Mobile laser engraving service have a variety of uses. You can use laser engraving to engrave or mark a large range of objects, from automotive parts to graphic tablets. We have extremely competitive prices for you, our customers around the UK.

By using the Mobile Laser Engraving workstations, we have the ability to produce marks of outstanding quality and durability onsite. We don’t call it precision engraving for nothing, this method of engraving means that you can engrave even the smallest of materials.

Why is this method of laser engraving favoured?

Laser engraving is favoured more and more in modernisation due to the fact that it is contactless. Therefore meaning that there is no damage from contact points on the object and there is no dust. The reason for the vastly improved marking quality is the inherent stability and programmability of the latest Pulsed Fibre Lasers. It has been proven that fibre lasers are up to ten times more efficient than traditional TAG laser systems. This is due to the speed of production, efficiency and durability.

The industries that use laser engraving

With our mobile laser engraving services, not only can you use it for high precision engineering work, but also promotional gift engraving. You can place text and logos on a variety of items and materials, making laser engravers one of the most versatile machines.

Furthermore, you can use our mobile laser engraving services in the medical and automotive industry. You can use an engraver for engraving plastic injection moulding. Additionally, you will find that it’s a preferred method to use due to the intricacy of precision. We can turn up to your site, weld old part numbers, date grids, logo’s and much more on the mould. Once dressed back, it can be engraved with the new text.

Customers can have anything engraved as long as it’s in a DXF format. We can can engrave to a maximum depth of 1.5mm.

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