High Accuracy
0.025mm precision
Family Company
Established in 1998
Minimal Downtime
due to onsite repairs
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Laser Technology – About Us

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We are up-to-date on the latest Laser Technology. Our ALFlak, laser provides deposit and contour welding with a laser power of up to 300 Watts. This machine offers true flexibility with either “Fine Wire” 0.4 – 1.2mm or “Heavy Wire” for quicker deposit build ups on-site. 

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We are happy to provide MOBILE Laser Engraving anywhere within the UK. Our highly skilled engineers will work diligently with you onsite, utilising the best in laser marking technology. Laser Engraving ensures more precision, than traditional methods, with less intrusion.

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We perform weld repairs on mould’s of any size from full-size car part moulds to smaller medical moulds. We work either with you on your customer site or at our unit. Intricacy is key, especially when working in professional fields; precision is guaranteed.

Harrisons Laser Technology

Here at Harrison’s Laser Technology, we pride ourselves in being a family firm. Established in 1988, initially as Harrison’s Tool Polishing Service Ltd, we offer a comprehensive service, covering all aspects of laser welding technology and mould polishing.

Combining Ultrasonics and NSK Polishing technology, we offer a large range of services, suitable for a variety of industries. We have previous work in the automotive, aerospace, medical, dentistry, railway industries and many more.

Laser technology is the most non-intrusive way of manufacturing, with minimal or no intrusion damage. This is due to our 0.025mm precision lasers. It is the future of technology over traditional methods and may be just what you are looking for.

Find out how we can provide you a sustainable, long lasting repair or service. For more information, click below.

Less Downtime Due to Onsite Repairs

High Accuracy - 0.025mm Precision

Quicker Reinstatement of Production Lines

Seams Are Slim and Flat

Significant Cost Savings

Minimal to Zero Mould Distortion