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Christmas Gift Ideas – Personalise With Laser Engravers


Gruppo Laser Engravers

Make your Christmas personal with laser engravers

Laser engravers have evolved and made it possible to customise almost anything in 2018. From pens, tablets and phones, to jewellery and watches, this is the perfect gift this year for Christmas.

Adding sentiment to gifts through the use of laser engravers will put a smile on your loved one’s face and creates a gift that they can keep for life. Receiving a beautiful gift with a thoughtful touch is the best way to have happy loved ones this Christmas time.

If you are looking for a personalised Christmas gift idea, laser engravers can add that little bit of sentiment to your loved ones Christmas.

laser engravers christmas idea
Take a look at our personalised Christmas ideas, for a memorable Christmas this year.

9 Christmas gift ideas with laser engraving:

Engraved glass

Whether your loved one likes their beer, champagne, whiskey or gin, there is room for a personalised glass for anyone. Pick your desired glass type and you can have a sentimental message engraved onto it. You will find that this is perfect when wanting to opt for a more personal touch to Christmas. In addition, if you are wanting to opt for a humorous gift, this is the perfect opportunity.

Engraved lighters

Everyone knows that with lighters comes little thieves that claim it’s their own when you try to retrieve it. Get a personalised one with the owners name on it and you’ll never have that problem again! This is a popular choice not just for Christmas but also for Birthdays and Mother’s/ Father’s Day.

Engraved watch

Treat your loved one to a new watch and add your personal touch by adding a message. Laser engravers can place any message you wish on your gift ideas. This will make your gift more personal to the receiver and will ensure that it is one of a kind. Engraving ideas include: the date you met your loved one, the co-ordinates in which you met, a loving message or simply “To…Love from…”

Personalise your phone with laser engravers

Phones are becoming a huge part of everyday life. They all look the same nowadays. Excluding a phone case to screensaver, it can be hard to distinguish who’s phone is who’s. With a personalised engraving, your phone will be unique for you. This will also help protect it from theft as it’ll be easier to find if resold due to the engrave.

Dog tag

Now, there are 2 types of dog tags that could work in this situation. Firstly, the personalised necklace kind. Add a piece of text to the metal. This can be a nickname, co-ordinates of where you had a memory with the person or a message. This is a great alternative for a personalised piece of jewellery for men as we all know it is sometimes hard to shop for some.

Additionally, actual dog tags. Treat your pooch to a new collar with a tag of how to contact you if lost.

The ultimate Christmas gift: a ring

Using laser engravers, you can personalise your ring to the person that you are gifting it to. This is a great gift idea for couples. Get the date you met engraved and add that personal touch. Additionally, you can have your initials engraved. This is the perfect gift idea for a Winter proposal.

Laptop personalisation

You can add any text you’d like to a laptop. Whether it be branding, the persons name or a favourite quote. This is  great gift idea for Christmas. This option can also be used for businesses to include a logo or their branding on work items.

Phone case

This is a great idea if you are wanting a personalised phone without the lifelong commitment. This is great if you want the option to resell your phone, after upgrading as it makes the personalisation detachable. You can get a large initial engraved or the persons full name. You could even get your favourite quote added to it for a thoughtful touch.

Christmas trophy

If you are wanting to buy a gift for your works Secret Santa, be creative. Get a trophy engraved with their name as a joke. “Worlds best/worse…” You can have some fun with this one and it adds a personalisation to gift giving.

The laser engraving process

Laser engraving is the better way to engrave objects, hence why it is used so often. You will find that because it is contactless, less or no damage is done to the surrounding material. This helps to improve precision as there is no dust and it also increases marking quality. Using the latest technology of pulsed fibre lasers, it ensures that you have extreme precision due to its prime stability. Read more about laser engraving and the process behind it here.

Laser engraving services

You can have laser engraving services for a wide variety of things. Here at Harrison’s Laser Technology, we can work for an array of industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Food and beverage
  • Aerospace
  • Medical

Learn more about our services here.

Mobile laser engravers

You are wanting a quick turnaround when seeking an engraved product. This sense of urgency is shared with many, hence why we have the AREX. The AREX is a state of the art mobile laser engraver and ensures that the process is quick, easy and incredibly precise. Using laser welders, such as AREX, ensures that you can be as detailed with your engrave as you wish. This includes options for on-point fonts with amazing legibility.Take a look here to find out more about the AREX laser engravers and how they benefit the engraving process.

Laser engravers how to enquire infographic
Take a look at the steps that you need to know about enquiring for a laser service. For more information, take a look on our website.


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