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The ALFLAK 300 Series is our most versatile and laser welding system we have at Harrison’s Laser Tech.   No other tool offers the same degree of flexibility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Our ALFLAK portable laser can be used to apply material and joint, harden, or cut metal.   Quick Repairs On Site It’s called a portable laser welding system for a reason. The ALFLAK is on self propelled caterpillar tracks which means...
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Laser welding in the food and beverage industry has greatly increased due to its ability to maintain and repair equipment to the highest food safety standards at low cost. Recent contamination scares in the dairy sector highlight the consequences of not getting it right. Welding food grade stainless steel is a delicate job that requires a precise solution tailored to the food application the equipment is used for. Even the smallest niches left by a traditional weld can...
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Laser Hardening UK We are thrilled to announce our newest service here at Harrison’s: Laser hardening. Laser hardening techniques have never been so modern. Read on to find out about the UK’s first mobile hardening robot and the benefits of using one over traditional techniques. What is laser hardening? Laser hardening is the heating of surfaces in order to strengthen them. A laser beam is used to heat the surface and it is then quickly cooled, using the...
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Firstly, What Is Laser Engraving? Laser engraving is the more intricate method of engraving. You can use laser engraving to benefit a range of industries worldwide. It is the non-contact process of engraving a range of materials with minimal or no damage from touchpoints. This is the most favoured way of production as it is fast, durable and as minimally invasive as possible. With laser engraving, you don’t need inks or tool bits to get your desired result. This means...
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Make your Christmas personal with laser engravers Laser engravers have evolved and made it possible to customise almost anything in 2018. From pens, tablets and phones, to jewellery and watches, this is the perfect gift this year for Christmas. Adding sentiment to gifts through the use of laser engravers will put a smile on your loved one’s face and creates a gift that they can keep for life. Receiving a beautiful gift with a thoughtful touch is the...
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With our services being in a wide range of industries including: Automotives and Classic Car repairs, Aerospace, Tool Makers, Blow moulding, Dentistry/Medical, Railways and many more.