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Laser Engravers

The AREX Laser Engraver

The Laser Engraver, AREX, is an ultra compact, fibre laser, set to create a storm in the permanent marking spectrum. It is the newest, modern approach to permanent marking and the most efficient, set to take over other traditional methods.

AREX extremely simplifies design for system integrators because it has the smallest marking head footprint. This ensures that mechanical installations are much easier in all applications. This ranges from stand-alone marking solutions, to fully-automated, working centre in production lines.

Thanks to the state-of- the-art fiber technology, AREX allows high speed marking on metal and plastic material, increasing systems productivity. It is the preferred method of laser technology in modernisation. This is because this laser engraver has a visible laser indicator to pinpoint the marking area and aid focussing. Therefore, making setup very easy. Ease and precision; the two things you need for an accurate engrave.

Due to high-precision laser marking, it ensures that even delicate graphics, including one-point fonts and minute geometries, will turn out clear and accurately. This also allows for a clear legibility. Precision is simply the key to laser engraving and this method is the best chances of getting your desired result when Laser Engraving.

AREX and Lighter 6 Suite allows OEMs and machine builders to work together.This is one of the fastest ways of marking in the industry, proving high productivity. This means that it is a sustainable, cost-effective way of production and has a variety of benefits compared to less-effective traditional methods.

It has two modes; stand alone and master-slave mode. The stand alone mode is based on embedded hardware and software resources, the master-slave mode controls complete machinery over a simple, ethernet connection with a supervisor computer.

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AREX Laser Engravers

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