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Food and Beverages

How does laser welding benefit the food industry?

A high-quality weld and surface finish are essential within the food and beverage industry. This is  due to the strict hygienic requirements. If the weld integrity or surface finish isn’t adequate, the consequences could be both expensive and unsanitary. Even the smallest niche left by a weld can allow the product to get trapped and form bacteria. Potentially, this could contaminate the food.

The importance of precision

In February 2017, an American major cheese company had to recall over 20 of their products due to a potential contamination of Listeria from one of their supplier’s manufacturing plants. As you can imagine, this was incredibly costly and brand destroying. 

How does laser welding work?

A laser weld is narrower with a higher width-to-depth ratio than traditional welding methods, and the heat affected area is more limited. Paired with rapid cooling, this means that the surrounding material is not annealed and is, therefore, stronger and more durable. High accuracy eliminates the risk of leaks and therefore improves cost efficiency, as the need for repairs is minimised.

Laser over traditional methods

By using laser welding in the food and beverage industry, you are guaranteeing a more specific weld, with both precision and speed. You can opt for laser welding over traditional welding method because it will benefit your business. You will notice benefits to your business such as qualitative advantages as well as quantitive ones. Speed, consistency and quality welds are guaranteed. 

Even the smallest welds

Our laser welders are minute in size. You can weld a huge variety of materials at sizes as small as 2 mm. This opens up a huge window of opportunity, especially with the small packaging within the food and beverage industry. You can find out the other industries that benefit from laser welding here.
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