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Gas and Oil Industry Repairs

Gas and Oil Industry Repairs

At Harrisons Laser Technology we are slowly building up our portfolio of customers within the Oil and Gas industry, providing our laser welding services for both repairs, modifications and concept work

Our customers include;


Sulzer pumps

A Leeds based firm, recently we completed a job that required us to repair various aluminium impellars that historically have always had to be scrapped and replaced. We had to work with Sulzer and source the correct material for the filler wire that was used and go through an extensive testing process to ensure and 100% bond to the base material was achieved, after the correct match was achieved the job was a success.

Alba Gaskets

An Aberdeen based firm, we have gone through an extensive testing process to help them achieve a final design on a new prototype gasket that will be used within pipelines. 

Having been sent multiple different variations on the same design of this gasket, we had to laser weld a pressure tight seam around 2 parts of the gasket, and only after this parts were pressure tested and successful could the final design be approved, in which it has.


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