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Laser Welding Benefits With Manufacturing


benefits laser

There are many advantages to laser welding in 2018 and it is becoming more prominently used.

What is laser welding?

Laser welding joins metals and thermoplastics together. The heat source of a laser provides a concentrated heat flow, which allows for narrow, deep welds at high welding rates. This way of welding has many benefits to businesses.

The automotive and medical industry prefer this technique because it can join miniature components with precision.

laser welding benefits

What are the benefits of laser beam welding?

There are many reasons as to why laser beam welding is more beneficial to businesses than other welding techniques and it is recognised world wide. Laser beam welding is more cost effective for businesses because of higher productivity rates. However, there are many other benefits, which we will discuss. Take a look at it in action here.

Ultimate precision

The main benefit of laser welding is it’s precision and high accuracy. This amount of control means they can weld the smallest of parts together without causing any damage to them. It can join both small components and steel structures, in excess of 25mm thick.

Consistent results

Businesses benefit from the high versatility and speed of laser welding. Costs are lower due to unit cost reductions from the higher productivity rate. Consistency is key in manufacturing as it ensures repeatability in products so this is a favourable way of production.

High strength welds

Production quality is higher because no filler material is needed in the process of it. Because of its clean processing, manufacturers favour laser welding. High strength welds, mean that it is the safest and most concentrated way to create medical equipment and car parts. It is also used in a variety of other industries.


cool benefits

Low heat application

The risk of component distortion is minimised in laser welding because it involves lower heat. The luxury manufacturing of products, such as jewellery, use this technique because of the minimal / no damage. It is contact-free and includes rapid cooling which means:

  • Parts suffer less internal strain
  • There is a low deformity risk
  • There are minimal internal stresses

In conclusion, there are many benefits to laser welding, such as lower costs, higher productivity and higher quality of products. This is a less intrusive way of welding, perfect for intricacy and accuracy. Many industries favour this form of welding. If you think that you could benefit from the advantages of laser welding, take a look at the services that we have to offer here.



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