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Automotive Laser Welding

What is industrial laser welding?

Industrial Laser welding is the joining of components through a laser beam. It eliminates effected heat zones, which traditional methods of welding involved. Therefore, you have minimal/ no distortion when using this method of welding. Furthermore, this is why it is the prominently preferred method, especially in the automotive industry.

Why is laser welding suitable for the automotive industry?

The automotive industry is one that requires optimum accuracy during manufacture in order to obtain a high-quality outcome that is both time and cost-efficient. The applications of industrial laser welding are actually most prominent in the manufacture and repair of automotive parts, as lasers increase productivity without an excessive cost. However, time and cost efficiency are not the only benefits to utilising laser welding in the automotive industry.

The benefits of laser welding

As well as cutting time and costs, industrial laser welding can also significantly reduce weight in automotive manufacture. By replacing a classic screw connection with laser welding, manufacturers are eliminating screws, and eliminating screws also means eliminating unnecessary cost and weight – in the case of differential gears, it is possible to eliminate up to 1kg of weight per gear simply by replacing screws with laser welding. In addition to this, the flanges on laser welded differential cases can be smaller than those joined with screws and the higher-quality outcome of laser welding contributes to lower levels of deformation, resulting in quieter overall operation levels.

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