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Why laser engraving may help protect your mobile devices against theft.


Laser engraving is a permanent solution that could act as a theft deterrent while also offering professional brand identity.

In the 21st century, there are leaders in the market when it comes to mobile devices. What this also means is that there are millions of people out there with the same device as yourself, often this applies to people in the same room as you.

There’s a multitude of ways to protect your property and confirm your identity such as fingerprint technology.

But is this a reliable method in the modern age of technology?

Devices can be wiped, leaving little to confirm it is indeed yours. We’re sure there are some out there who have fallen victim to a lost or stolen device, but say it’s found by someone, with laser engraving this offers a permanent mark which means it can be returned to its owners.


Personal Identification

Sitting down at a table and putting your phones or tablets next to one another, you’ve probably got the exact same device as someone else sat with you.

Or it could be someone you don’t know at all, who could later walk off with your device knowingly or accidentally.

laser engraving-ipad writing

(More and more personal devices are being laser engraved, this offers a unique way of distinguishing your device from similar ones.)

Identification has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between devices, aside from the screensaver on your phone or tablet, they often look the same at first glance. And what’s the best way to identify yours? Personal laser engraving, absolutely.

Laser engravers such as Harrisons are able to engrave anything a customer sends to us, so you can be satisfied knowing your personal device will soon “have your name on it”.

It’s estimated that over a third of smartphone owners take no security measures with their phone.

In a survey by Protect Your Bubble in 2017, 446,000 people in the UK had their phones stolen last year (Source: https://www.mobilenewscwp.co.uk/2017/03/13/nearly-half-million-brits-phones-stolen-last-year/).

Most will have been sold on for a quick profit.


Laser Engraving for Businesses

Along with laser engraving offering a personal touch to your own devices, it can also be used for brand visibility and a professional identity in a business. With the latest technology from Harrisons, we are able to engrave everything from logos to text.

In businesses where there are many employees, dealing with multiple devices, laser engraving can prove to be very useful.

laser engraving-ipad

(The University of Lincoln have laser engraved iPads for their departments.)

Over the years, we have seen an increase in the number of educational institutions such as universities with laser engraved devices, like The University of Lincoln.

Their iPads are engraved for different departments, which is an easy way to distinguish between them and less likely to float to another department, or in the hands of a student.

In other industries, some businesses also choose to engrave individual identifiers or ID codes on each tablet. Say you’re performing regular maintenance or installing software on the devices, rather than going in to the settings to discover which one you are working on, the ID number is engraved on the reverse.

A laser engraved iPad or tablet can be of great use in impressing a client also, going to a meeting and presenting them with your professional branded tablet, we’re sure they’ll be eyeing up their own.


A Permanent Solution

Their are many quick solutions you can take to “labelling” an object or device to identify it as your own. Gone are the days of using a sticky label, this can easily be removed and you’re left without a way to identify yours.

Engraving offers a permanent solution that is very difficult to conceal without noticing.


Theft Deterrent

Harrisons mobile laser engraving services can be used to engrave a variety of objects, with everything from automotive parts to graphics tablets. 

Laser engraving-car part

(The Automotive industry is one of the biggest when it comes to Mobile Laser Engraving.)

In industries such as Automotive, there are hundreds of components that are laser marked in every car. This offers tamper-proof identification and traceability for parts.

Automotive components and machinery can be deemed expensive, which is why they are often a target for theft.

Protecting your object or device against theft with laser engraving can act as a deterrent for a would-be thief. They won’t be able to sell it on, especially if reported to the police with the unique markings or ID number, it would make it very easy to identify. This can prove invaluable in returning a stolen item to its owner.


Laser engraving is incredibly versatile, with virtually any material able to be laser marked, there is a method of application for most objects and surfaces.

Whilst it could sound like a long process, with the use of Mobile Laser Engraving, Harrisons are able to work onsite anywhere within the UK which offers reduced downtime and continuous productivity for your business.

Using the best in laser market technology, we can work diligently in completing the task you require.

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