High Accuracy
0.025mm precision
Family Company
Established in 1998
Minimal Downtime
due to onsite repairs
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Rosti Automotive Project

About the Company

In 2017, Rosti’s Automotive division separated from the Rosti Group to form a separate Group, now known as Rosti Automotive. A full service provider, dedicated to providing complete solutions for the automotive industry, Rosti Automotive has four manufacturing sites throughout the UK.

Project Description

Provide a quick lead time (most automotive injection moulding plants require this to limit down time of the tools out of the production) We mainly weld up damaged areas on the mould tools, or apply weld to change a moulds functionality i.e welding up an area to stop the flow of plastic.

We also provide a engraving service to these companies where we can update current part codes on the tool moulds, apply logo’s and update date grids. We can weld, dress back and re-engrave all on the same day


Technology Used

All of our machines can be used depending on the job, the flak is used for jobs that require a large amount of weld due to its increased power capability’s, and the ALM 300 is used for some of the more awkward to get to jobs.