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Manufax Aerospace Project

About the Company

Manufax is based on a large single site in Stockport, in the North West of England and is a major contributor to the Aerospace & Space, Automotive, Nuclear and Agricultural industries.

Suppliers of all types of tooling jigs and fixtures to industry O.E.M.’s including Airbus, BAe Systems, Rolls Royce Aero Engines, Rolls Royce Submarines, United Technology Corporation, Bombradier, Embraer, Leonardo, Bentley ..

Project Description

This Job was a mould for a Boeing plane that was used to produce a carbon fibre part for the wing and was completed in 2 stages. The first stage required us to weld any defects or cracks in the mould with aluminium.
The second stage required us to engrave various parts of information on either ends of the mould to indicate things like date of production and assembly instructions.

Technology Used

For this job we used the AL FLAK as welding aluminium requires a high level of power.