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Make your Christmas personal with laser engravers Laser engravers have evolved and made it possible to customise almost anything in 2018. From pens, tablets and phones, to jewellery and watches, this is the perfect gift this year for Christmas. Adding sentiment to gifts through the use of laser engravers will put a smile on your...
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There are many advantages to laser welding in 2018 and it is becoming more prominently used. What is laser welding? Laser welding joins metals and thermoplastics together. The heat source of a laser provides a concentrated heat flow, which allows for narrow, deep welds at high welding rates. This way of welding has many benefits...
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Laser welding
In recent years laser welding has picked up momentum on the industrial scene. Laser welding is renowned for not only it’s high accuracy but also it’s ability to reduce downtime.   How exactly does laser welding reduce downtime? To begin with we need to first understand the differences between traditional methods of welding and laser...
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With our services being in a wide range of industries including: Automotives and Classic Car repairs, Aerospace, Tool Makers, Blow moulding, Dentistry/Medical, Railways and many more.